The GeeWizz Charitable Foundation is a very special, small charity based just outside Bury St Edmunds.

We are focused on supporting children and young adults in Suffolk and Norfolk who sadly suffer from life-threatening conditions, a disability or cancer. Our work aims to:

  • Help fund the provision of equipment, including wheelchairs and other healthcare equipment, for children with physical disabilities in Suffolk.
  • Support potential developments in care for children affected by cancer and their families in outpatient, inpatient and home settings.
  • Support education (professional and lay) and research into cancer treatment and care.

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GeeWizz is able to make a difference to so many local families with your help and support.

Each year the GeeWizz team is focused on raising £200,000+ with 100% financial transparency and significant control of costs to ensure that every £1 donated or raised is carefully spent and focused on helping to change lives.

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100% Charity Pumpkin Patch & Maize Maze will not return to Suffolk this year

It is with great sadness that the 100% charity GeeWizz Pumpkin Patch & Maize Maze will not be taking place in 2020 at Hall Farm.The Pumpkin Patch & Maize Maze is an event that we have thoroughly enjoyed putting on for the community, we have been so grateful of all the generous sponsorship and support, especially from Treatt who sponsored our event last year and had committed to again this year. This very special GeeWizz fundraiser would have been impossible to host without the support of our wonderful volunteers, who turned up every day regardless of the weather, along with the pumpkin seed sponsors, and many others that contributed in making this event a success.

For GeeWizz to have raised over £30,000 in the 2 years that we hosted the Pumpkin Patch & Maize Maze, we have been able to fund much needed sensory equipment at the Priory School, revolutionary hearing aid technology at Westgate Community Primary School, support the renovation for Jasmine Moxom, who has Spastic Cerebral Palsy, giving the family wooden floors throughout their house, a physio room for Jasmine and most importantly space for Jasmine to learn to walk in a safe environment at her home, along with several other projects.

Read more about the Pumpkin Patch here!


A note from Gina…

“I have always believed very strongly in the positive difference charities can make to individuals, families and communities. It’s an absolute privilege and honour to help change the lives of local children, young adults, and their families, who are living with a life-threatening disability, or are affected by cancer. 

Meeting and working with such amazing, inspirational children, young adults and their families, is the greatest gift I have ever been given, and is a real highlight of my forty years as a campaigner and fundraiser. They leave me in awe, and seeing their happiness shine out of them after being supported by GeeWizz, is the greatest reward of all.”