Original Beatles photographs

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World-famous Photographs of the Beatles, by Tom Murray, featuring the Nowhere Man

The Prize
Tom Murray’s fantastic collection of photographs from the Beatles’ Mad Day Out have become an incredible piece of musical history.

Capturing the Fab Four around London in the summer of 1968, Tom spent a day with Paul, John, Ringo and George to produce the iconic imagery.

Tom has since been a fantastic supporter of the Ultimate Charity Auction and so many other causes.

We are delighted to offer a photographic collection from that day—the first time Tom has offered this particular selection as a set.

Included in the imagery is a photo entitled “Nowhere Man,” which captures a gentleman asleep on a bench, unaware that he is surrounded by—and then photographed with—the Beatles.

Other photos in the set are “Martha My Dear,” “Flower Power 2,” “Ready, Steady, Go” and “Untitled 2.”

The photos all have a white border and measure 29 cms x 29 cms (11.5 x 11.5 ins).

These photographs are considered by experts to be the very best colour images from that day.

Donated by

Tom Murray.

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