Jasmine’s Family

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6-year-old Jasmine lives with her mum Sally and twin sister Summer in Beck Row, near Bury St Edmunds. She sadly suffers from Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, a neurological condition that permanently affects muscle control and co-ordination and can cause frequent muscle spasms and tensing. This awful condition can seriously reduce the sufferers mobility.

Jasmine underwent an operation a couple of years ago to help release the tendons in her legs, after this operation she required intense physiotherapy to enable her to walk and move around independently. GeeWizz have proudly funded twice weekly physiotherapy for Jasmine, who is now mobile with the help of her walking frame. We have also supported the family by providing new flooring and taking down a wall in their home, meaning Jasmine has a flat, even surface to practice her walking on and play with her sister Summer.

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