West Suffolk College’s Minden House Flat Project

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GeeWizz Charity, partnered with RSM UK Bury St Edmunds, are working on a project at West Suffolk College’s Minden House. They are funding the development of a ‘flat’ area for the special educational needs and disabilities department, where the students will be able to learn tasks that will allow them to live independently, such as boiling a kettle and making a bed.

Gina Long MBE, founder of GeeWizz Charity, stresses the importance of this fantastic project, she says, “The students are so enthusiastic about this project, they have even been helping us to paint the walls and make it feel like a real home.”

“I believe it is a wonderful thing to teach the students skills we so often take for granted; it will make them feel entirely independent.”

We are excited to reveal the completely refurbished flat on Monday 10th June 2019.

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