Hearing Impaired Children benefit from Revolutionary Technology

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Westgate Community Primary School’s hearing-impaired children have benefitted from revolutionary technology funded by GeeWizz Charity. The Bury St Edmunds school has received a series of microphones, hearing aid chargers and a new sound system for their school hall, to enhance the learning of the children from their hearing-impaired department.

The microphones are designed to ‘link in’ with the children’s hearing aids, meaning wherever they are in the classroom, they will be able to hear the teacher clearly.

Ms Rankin, teacher of the hearing-impaired children, says, “The system has transformed the learning environment. I am able to talk to all of the children at a normal speaking volume, and the hearing-impaired children can now participate during class discussions with thanks to the hand-held microphones.”

The school also received hearing aid battery chargers, as many of the student’s batteries would run out by lunchtime and they previously would have spent the afternoon without sound. A new sound system that is suitable for those with hearing aids was implemented in the assembly hall, kindly funded by Momentum Pensions and Landguard Point Ltd through GeeWizz Charity.

GeeWizz Charity, based in Bury St Edmunds, supports children and young adults living with a life-threatening condition, a disability or cancer. Funds used to purchase the equipment for the school were raised by local companies Clarkes of Walsham Ltd, Maison Bleue and the Stowmarket Salvation Army.

Gina Long MBE, founder of GeeWizz, says, “To give the children at Westgate Community Primary School the opportunity to access all of the fantastic teaching, wonderful assemblies and participate fully in the classroom is simply incredible. They are such inspirational young people and to see their confidence grow is the greatest gift of all.”

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