GeeWizz Ambassadors

Terry Butcher

Having supported many of Gina’s personal fundraising initiatives over endless years, Terry kindly agreed to become an ambassador of GeeWizz Charity in 2016.

Susan Rush

Susan kindly decidates her time several times a month to support Geewizz both at events and in the office. She has been an instrumental part of the charity over the last few years.

Sarah Lawrence

Throughout the year, Sarah generously volunteers her time at our large fundraising events. She also raises awareness of the work Geewizz carries out in the local community.

Barry Peters

“I’ve covered the GeeWizz charity for many years and know what a great job the team do and what a real difference to lives they bring about. I’m happy to add my backing on a personal level to the GeeWizz family and fully embrace their ethos of transparent giving.”

Edward Crichton ASFAV

Having grown up in Suffolk it is a privilege to be able to support a charity which helps children and young adults in our area. Personally seeing children benefit from our fundraising is a moving experience. There is so much more to do and give and knowing that 100% of what we raise goes to these good causes is a great motivator.

Our Other Ambassadors

Guy and Julie Nicholls

James Archer

Scott Braker

Shaun Whiter

Nino Severino

Graeme Swann

Rick Parfitt Junior

Patzi Shepperson OBE

Paula Webb Stainton

Olivia Churchill