GeeWizz Corporate Support

Your support directly helps local children and young adults. Through the money you raise and the time you volunteer we can deliver much needed specialist equipment and support.  Whether you make a donation, organise a fundraising event or make us your ‘charity of the year’ every £1 raised is carefully spent and focused on helping to change local lives.

Charity of the Year

We are hugely grateful to business’ nationwide who offer their support by making us Charity of the Year or their chosen Charity Partner.  We appreciate every employees vote and are happy to offer further information and support to help companies make a selection.

We are passionate about what we do and this shines through everything we do –  we are a passionate, driven team with the energy and determination to do all we can.

GeeWizz will work alongside corporate team members to submit an application for assessment and consideration presenting our charity work and how your help will make a significant difference to the lives of the people we support.

#Transparent giving

As a small team we control our costs to ensure that every £1 donated or raised is carefully spent. Our charity partnership will be open and transparent  – you will be able to see exactly where your generous fundraising is spent.

Contact us to find out more.

Corporate Sponsors

We are delighted to work alongside a broad range of business and with their continued support, expert knowledge and commitment we are able to help make a difference to local lives.

You can offer support by making GeeWizz your Charity of the Year, sponsor an event, provide services or promote our work.

We work closely with all companies so that they know exactly how their support is making a difference to local families – and we will shout about their support from the rooftops!

If you would like your company to become a corporate sponsor please contact us here.

Please see below all the wonderful companies that support GeeWizz with their sponsorship.