Marathon achievement! Pascal Canevet raises £3,031 for GeeWizz

Marathon achievement! Pascal Canevet raises £3,031 for GeeWizz

Thank you to Pascal Canevet, of Maison Bleue, Bury St Edmunds, and LEA by Pascal Canevet, for running the London Marathon 2022 in aid of GeeWizz. 

Pascal ran the London Marathon in 5 hours and 19 minutes. We are so thankful to Pascal for choosing to support GeeWizz Charity. He raised an incredible £3,031. This will be supporting sensory equipment for Riverwalk School, Bury St Edmunds, helping to change local lives.

Riverwalk School caters for pupils aged 3 -19 who have severe, profound, and complex learning needs. Many of the pupils have complex health needs and require high level of personal care. In addition, there are specific classes for pupils primarily with autistic spectrum disorders who need an intensive bespoke provision to meet their needs. 

Sensory playgrounds use activities and equipment to stimulate all senses, promoting and encouraging development in kids. The new equipment will provide an experience that’s “just-right” for children needing sensory stimulation. Helping children express emotion, develop problem-solving skills, build lasting confidence and engage in creative play. Sensory playground equipment can enrich any play experience.

Pascal and Karine Canevet have been wonderful supporters of Geewizz Charity, donating fabulous 5-star Maison Bleue dining experiences to GeeWizz auctions including at Midsummer, and the Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy Auction. This summer Maison Bleue hosted a charity raffle with local artist Ruth Simpson, which raised over £1,500 for GeeWizz Charity and St Nicholas Hospice. Previously Maison Bleue hosted a charity art show in support of GeeWizz, funding an interactive educational screen for Riverwalk School. 

Pascal and Karine have helped make possible many GeeWizz projects, including the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy’s redeveloped Playground, a sensory magic carpet at Riverwalk School, and microphones and hearing aid sound systems at Westgate Community Primary School, linking children’s hearing aids in classrooms, allowing them to hear teacher’s clearly, aiding in education and learning. Pascal’s London Marathon fundraising will help change local lives, once again. #CharitySuperstars! 

“GeeWizz is a very special local charity, working for children who need specialist, or bespoke equipment. With GeeWizz you can see the results of the fundraising directly, from what has been provided for the children, following up with the children and th

Pascal Canevet