Guy & Julie Nicholls


Guy and Julie Nicholls, are the owner of Tru7 Group, a family-owned group of companies, they are fiercely loyal to their East Anglian roots. Philanthropic Guy and Julie generously donated £100,000 to the GeeWizz Charity Legacy fundraiser, to help build a new specialist SEND’s playground at the Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy. His companies employ more than 200 people in Suffolk.

Guy and Julie have supported GeeWizz Charity from the start and have been personal friends of it is founder Gina Long MBE for over 40 years. They are true charity champions on every level and are proud ambassadors of GeeWizz, they like the transparent giving aspect of the charity, along with the ethos it works by each day.

As parents and grandparents, themselves, they understand the importance the support GeeWizz gives to the many families and their children.